Friday August 12th, 2022

Sexually compatible!!

A relationship in a traditional sense. I just want to find someone that I am sexually compatible with that I like being around. There is no obligation other than sharing time with me that has great end results for both of us. I ask a lot out of a guy sexually. And I need to know that you're at least going to meet them 75% About me, I'm a 5'0 Afro-Caribbean BBW with shoulder length dreads. I have a baby face and soft voice. I am in my late 20's but been mistaken to be 19 by almost everyone. I get that bbw stat turns a lot of guys off, trust me this the one time you should not be. A girl can loose weight, but the freak inside of me is rare. If you're that guy that want sexual adventure without the traditional girlfriend handcuffs. I'm your girl. So ask me what am I into sexually..I might shock you.

  • Age 20